We respect everyone’s effort and follow all the legalities. Hence, if you find your copyrighted work listed or linked on our platform without your consent, then you can request its removal. But before making a copyright infringement claim, make sure that your letter/email of claim includes the following components:

  • You should provide a piece of valid evidence to prove that you have the exclusive right to present that product in the market, and thus, your claim is perfect for the same.
  • Your contact details should be mentioned so that we can contact you through various channels of communication. Moreover, a valid email address must be included.
  • A detailed statement that describes that the claimant is confident that the usage of the digital product (on which the claim is made) has violated the copyright or other legal policies.
  • A statement that clearly states that the information shared in the claim is absolutely accurate, and the complaining party has the right to take action as the owner or on behalf of the owner.
  • Must be signed by the authorized person who has the exclusive rights to the product that is allegedly being infringed

Please email us on customercare@gyanijiweb.in with the above details. It may take up to 48 hours to remove your copyrighted material. Thank You.